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Comfy Travel Pillow

Blue Spiderman
  • Blue Spiderman
  • Purple Flowers
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*Soft and comfy neck pillow.

*Made of cotton poly blend.

* Soft polyfill used in pillow.

* Spiderman applique for boys

  Flower applique for girls.

* Complimentary Personalization.

* Shipped out in 2 days.

* Proudly Hand Made in Philadelphia, USA.

* Coordinating items available like

  Blankets, towels....

  •  While travelling little ones often fall asleep ,usually in a very uncomfortable position as there is no support for their neck at all.These neck pillows are a blessing , made of soft cotton fabric, the neck pillow offers great support to neck and helps the little one sleep comfortably
  • Available in many colors/prints , pick a favourite.
  • Kids love their name to be on their things, personalization of this pillow makes a great gift .
  • Personalization note: Maximum 10 Characters only. Please Note the more the number of characters in the name the smallerwill be the font to fit in the available space. Please consider using an 1-3 letter initials.
  • Coordinating color thread will be used for embroidary.
  •  Wash N'Care - Do not wash. Wipe with damp cloth only.


  • Standard size pillow that fits ages 2 years to ……
  • Made of cotton/poly blend fabric..
  • Silk thread used for embroidery.
  • Coordinating round or flower applique size approximately 2"in radius. (Size may vary with the alphabets used in the name).
  • Embroidered name approximately 1 1/2 "by 4 ".


  • Do not wash
  • Wipe with wet napkin.
  •  Use a little soap to wash off stains if any
  •  This pillow cannot get wet, in order to last longer

Why Buy this gift?- Because

  • This is a must have of all kids, maybe for grownups too. How often do we see a kid napping in the car while his/her neck is in a very uncomfortable position? This pillow will be a perfect gift for any kid who sits in the car for more then 10 mins ( that’s all it takes for them to fall asleep while the car is moving).
  • For some reason parents have not put this essential item on their list to buy, no wonder we see kids sleeping in the car very uncomfortably.
  • Parents will love this gift, they will be thankful to you for giving such a thoughtful gift.
  • PLEASE NOTE- other themes available upon request for no extra charge.
  • This gift is good value for the $$ spent.
  •  Personalizing with the baby's name 'PRICELESS', makes this gift even more special.
  • Giving this gift is a thoughtful gesture on your part shows you care, shows you took the time and made the effort to get something special, means a lot to the recipient.

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